TV Eyes: Santorum on Fox


Rick Santorum's appearance on Fox News, when he speaks about the TPP and Fast Track:


Transcript: ..having those low energy prices allows us if we get our tax situation correct and regulatory environment correct and trade environment correct, we can create an environment for american workers to get good paying jobs and rise in society. >> you talk about raising the minimum wage. >> i do. >> i gather you're quite skeptical about the trade deal the president is pushing. >> i am. >> why? >> first up, so much of that trade deal has nothing to do with trade. the trade component with the primarily lower tariffs ignore the other problems like nontariff barriers. those are things that we have to start looking at doing old style of trade deals in a new style world in which they use things to disadvantage us. i voted for a lot of trade deals when i was in congress but the reason i voted against and a half nafta and ever since they've never been the deal they promised it would be. >> one thing you propose, replacing the irs and current tax code with what you call a fair flat tax. the details you're gng to roll out -- >> still working on it. >> you proposed something similar in 2012. you wanted only two income tax rates, 10 and 28%, tax capital gains at 12% and corporate taxes at 17.5%. here's the problem, the tax policy center says the middle class on average would save $4,000 and while the top 1% taxpayer would save on average $350,000 and you would cut federal revenues by 40%. question, how do you create and impose a flat tax that one isn't going to gut the federal treasury and raise enough money and two isn't going to end up being a bonanza for top 1%. >> those numbers are based on a static model means nothing is going to change if you create incentives for people to grow the economy, i reject. that's a flat earth way of looking at economic growth. one of the things i believe in. >> if you lowered the tax rate as much as you are for the top, they are going to do better than middle class. >> the whole idea is to treat everybody fairly. that's the reason we're looking at the flat tax. we'll have provisions in there to make sure that lower and middle income americans will not pay more taxes and pay less taxes. but the bottom line is we have to create growth. you want to reduce the deficit and grow jobs in america, then you have to do something that's ...

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