The TPP Just Became the Lynchpin of the November Election


Sunday evening, February 28, 2016 will go down in history as the day every opinionated Republican voter was shocked into silence on social media. 

[Crista Huff| February, 29 2016 |Good Fellow]

Did their POTUS candidate die? No.
Did their candidates agree to a President/Vice President ticket? No.

What happened was that Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) endorsed The Donald for the presidency.

People were stunned because (a) Sen. Sessions is “conservative”, (b) Sen. Sessions is respected, and (c) Donald Trump is often thought of as a wingnut New York liberal in sheep’s clothing. Frankly, the prospect of Sen. Sessions’ endorsement was commonly believed to belong to Sen. Ted Cruz.

I didn’t question the endorsement for one moment. Even before I read the text of the endorsement, I knew it was about two issues that are dear to Sen. Sessions: illegal immigration, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. The bigger shock, for anybody who was able to focus, was that by endorsing Mr. Trump, Sen. Sessions is telling the world that he does not believe the public stance that Sen. Cruz takes on either illegal immigration or the TPP.

Think about it: if Sen. Sessions believed that Mr. Trump was his ally on one or both of those issues, and Sen. Cruz was also his ally on one or both of those issues, Sen. Sessions would likely not have made an endorsement. In order to have made the endorsement, Sen. Sessions would have to believe that Sen. Cruz is “pulling a Hillary” on the TPP; i.e. changing his public stance to a “NO” vote on the TPP in order to curry favor with voters.

Sen. Sessions’ endorsement of Donald Trump for President of the U.S. is not just another endorsement. It is a pre-eminent vote from an insider — who is laser-focused on immigration, jobs, trade deficits, and sovereignty — for the only serious POTUS candidate who he feels will follow through in rescuing America from economic hardship and globalism.

I have no horse in the POTUS race, but I do believe that the TPP is the lynchpin of the November elections. It’s time for America to decide what its future will permanently look like; time to choose between jobs & sovereignty, or open borders, globalism, and further erosion of a manufacturing base that will never return to the U.S.

Senator Jeff Sessions has cast his vote. Good. The path to November just became a little more clear.

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