Ted Cruz loved the TPP last year before switching: "Sen Sessions is wrong"


Ted Cruz revealed, last year, that he liked the international tribunals of the Trans Pacific Partnership and free trade agreements. "Job and industry loss is not because of dumb trade deals," he said.

Cruz voted to give President Obama Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority to negotiate more bad trade deals last June.  Then conservative outrage caused him to switch his vote to "no" a few weeks later in a second vote.

Ted Cruz was on with Jeff Kuhner last June - before his first "yes" vote - and answered some tough questions about why he supported the TPA/TPP agreements. One of the questions was specifically about what Jeff Sessions has been saying about the trade deal and Cruz blatantly said that what Sessions has been saying is not accurate. In short, he said that the US is not ceding any sovereignty to any transnational commission, that it has no power to bind the US with any law or agreement.

The interview is 24 minutes long and I urge you to listen to the whole thing. But if you want to skip ahead to the Q&A about Jeff Sessions take on this, it begins around 16:10.

Listen here:

Cruz's wife, Heidi, worked as the Deputy US Trade Representative under George Bush, including our disastrous US-China trade relationship.

Hopefully, Ted Cruz will not flip again to support dumb trade deals.

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