Politico: John Boehner-aligned group plans $1M ad blitz for trade bill


The American Action Network is trying to give House Republicans cover to back fast-track authority for the president.

[Reposted from Politico  |  Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer  |  June 4, 2015]

An outside political advocacy organization closely aligned with Speaker John Boehner is spending close to $1 million to promote a bill that would give President Barack Obama fast-track trade authority, saying China will gain economic prominence if Congress fails to act.

The American Action Network, which spent close to $1 million boosting House Republican leadership during the Department of Homeland Security funding fight, is now spending $375,000 for national television ads on Fox News, $250,000 on mail pieces in 25 GOP districts, $200,000 on digital advertising in 65 districts and $75,000 on radio spots.

The TV advertisement blasts Democrats and trade unions for opposing the bill, and says if Congress doesn’t pass trade promotion authority, China will benefit and America will lose. It’s meant to bolster House GOP leadership’s efforts by giving air cover to Republicans vote for TPA.

“China is trying to stack the deck on international trade. And America must respond if we’re to stay No. 1,” the narrator says. “Predictably, the liberals and labor unions advocate weakness abroad. But conservatives need to stand up for American jobs and rebuild U.S. credibility around the world by passing the trade promotion authority.”

The spot closes by saying, “If we don’t lead on global trade, China will.”

American Action Network is weighing in with the House expected to vote on TPA in the next two weeks. An aide to the group said it’s holding open the option of more advertising.

TPA is part of a large-scale legislative package tied to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal between the U.S. and Pacific Rim nations. TPA would give Obama leeway to negotiate trade deals that Congress could approve or disapprove, but not amend.

American Action Network President Mike Shield said his group is spending money because Democrats have struggled to build support for the measure, so conservatives must step up. House GOP leadership has been frustrated with the business community’s efforts to sway Republicans to back the measure. The group has been working with the Business Roundtable’s Trade Benefits America Coalition, the largest pro-trade group in D.C. The Trade Benefits America Coalition is also running a national cable ad campaign.

“We’re trying to do everything we can to get conservatives to vote for this,” Shields told POLITICO. “There are conservatives in Congress who need backup. They need to know this is the conservative vote, and conservatives in the district agree with them.”

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  • My man hits it out of the park again like nobody can! You don’t hear the truth from any of the FOX FAKERS as they to are like the “Re-PUNK-lican” traitors, pretending to feign being staunch patriots but their actions prove otherwise!

    Welcome to “The Michael Savage Newsletter,” your daily insider report on all things “Savage.”
    In today’s issue: A caller told Dr. Savage that his program used to seem more optimistic. Now, the caller said, he doesn’t think Savage holds out much hope that America can be saved from the liberals. Savage replied that in many ways, liberals aren’t the biggest enemy any longer.

    “The number one reason we lost is because of traitors in the Republican Party,” Savage told his audience.

    They inveigled us into believing that they would listen to the people.

    So the enemy is not Obama.

    We know who he is.

    We know he’s always been an enemy of America.

    We know he was trained to hate everything good about the country.

    We know he hates the military and the police and patriots.

    But the Republicans were put into power back in November to stop this disease.

    So the enemy is not the liberal.

    The enemy is the fake Republican like McConnell and Boehner and the other individuals in the power structure.

    They are in there solely to advance the interests of powerful international corporations.