PHILLIPS: Support beheading! Support the Trans Pacific Partnership!


Beheading videos are now all the rage in the Middle East. Americans seem to be the preferred targets of those who wish to separate the head from the rest of someone’s body.

Americans are outraged by these videos of fellow Americans being brutally slaughtered.

Americans are asking, “what can they do?”

If Americans want to support beheading, they can support the Trans Pacific Partnership.

For most people, that is a winning the future moment.

What does severing a victim’s neck and a proposed treaty have to do with one another?

Islamists behead people because Sharia law tells them too. The Koran tells Islamists to behead their enemies.

Now, America is poised to give our best trade benefits to a nation that supports beheading.

In the Pacific is the small nation of Brunei. Recently the Sultan of Brunei decided his nation would now be governed by Sharia law. That is the same Sharia law that proscribes beheading of infidels. That is the same Sharia law that directs rape victims have forcible traumatic contact with large naturally occurring solid aggregate of one or more minerals.

In other words, rape victims are stoned to death as adulterers in Islamic law. Homosexuals are hanged. Thieves have their hands amputated.

Under Sharia law, it is illegal to practice Christianity in Brunei. You cannot import a bible or bring a cross into that little nation.

With one simple act, the Sultan of Brunei has taken his nation back to the 7th century and wants to put it in line with Iran and Afghanistan.

So why does America want to reward this behavior?

After the elections, Congress is probably going to come back for a lame duck session. Lame duck sessions are those sessions where liberty and freedom are on the endangered species list and America is usually on sale to the highest bidder.

When Congress returns for its lame duck session, there is a real possibility that cronyists will try to slip through something called Trade Promotional Authority. This abdicates the Senate’s responsibility to approve treaties and Congress’ responsibility to regulate trade and gives it to the Obama Regime.

House Republican are suing President Obama for usurping power and some want to give him even more unconstitutional authority. Consistency has never been the strong suit for any politician.

If Trade Promotional Authority is passed, the Obama regime gets to write this Trans Pacific Partnership treaty in secret. It then puts it to Congress for a vote. Congress gets almost no time to debate the treaty and worst of all, Congress may not amend this treaty. The vote must be yes or no.

Why should America reward a nation like Brunei with the right to American markets and give it superior rights to those given to American citizens?

Why should America reward a nation that has as its official legal code, an ideology that says it is okay to behead those it calls “Infidels?”

Why should America open the doors for trade to a nation that says homosexuals should be hung? That says rape victims really committed adultery and they should be punished?

If you love beheading videos, then support the allies of the Islamic State and other radical groups. If you think those videos are great, support the Trans Pacific Partnership.

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