Republicans who should know better say the TransPacific Partnership, aka Obamatrade, will not change our immigration laws.

“The way we wrote TPP, it deals strictly with trade and not immigration,” Ryan told Newsmax, dismissing this reporter’s characterization of the TPP as a Trojan horse for unrestricted immigration as “the latest urban legend.”

[ by Curtis Ellis | November 30, 2015 | WND ]

But now we can read the agreement that was long held as a closely guarded secret, and it’s clear Ryan was either misled or deliberately trying to mislead us.

The globalist agreement clearly nullifies control of our national borders.

Chapter 12, dealing with “Temporary Entry for Business Persons,” and Chapter 10, on “Cross Border Trade in Services,” open the door to virtually unlimited numbers of foreign workers in the U.S. – and make it impossible for Congress to close the door.

Chapter 12 mentions “immigration” numerous times and requires that visas and visa extensions be issued to “business persons” expeditiously.

Don’t be confused by the words: Article 12.1 defines “business person” as any citizen or permanent resident of one of the countries in the agreement. (Other countries, including China with a population of 1.3 billion “business persons,” will be joining in the future.)

Tellingly, Article 12.4.4(a) makes a point of stating the only time a “business person” could be denied entry is if he is a strike breaker – “if the temporary entry of that person might affect adversely the settlement of any labor dispute that is in progress.”

While throwing a bone to unions, Obamatrade makes it clear companies are free to replace non-union workers with foreigners.

Obamatrade would open the floodgates to workers who, according to the government’s deliberately misleading definition, are not considered “immigrants.”

Ryan and company rely on semantics, akin to Bill Clinton’s famous legalistic dodge of “it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is,” when they say Obamatrade doesn’t affect immigration.

Just as Tashfeen Malik, the Bride of Jihad, came into our country on a “non-immigrant” visa, temporary worker visas are considered “non-immigrant” visas. These “temporary worker” visas, such as H1B and L1 visas, are regularly abused to replace Americans with cheap foreign labor.

Most Americans have a common-sense view of what constitutes immigration. “When we say the TPP clearly impacts immigration, we’re saying that immigration is the entry of any foreign national into the United States whether on a visa or a visa waiver or a temporary basis or a permanent basis. Anytime a foreign national enters the United States, that involves immigration. So, there is no question under my definition that TPP impacts immigration in a massive way,” says Rosemary Jenks of NumbersUSA.

Chapter 10, regulating “Cross Border Trade in Services,” throws open the door to unrestricted work visas. Unsophisticated civilians like me would be forgiven for believing a person or business would have to be outside our border to be engaged in “cross-border” commerce.

But in fact, under the Obamatrade definition (Article 10.1), any foreigner working inside our country – “a national of a Party in the territory of another Party” – can be engaged in “cross-border trade in services” or “cross-border supply of services.” That Mexican digging up the sewer line (construction services) under Main Street is actually engaged in the “cross-border supply of services.” Who knew!

Under Article 10.5(a), Congress cannot limit “the number of service providers” or the number of people “that a service supplier may employ.”

Further, Articles 10.5.(a)(i) and 10.5.(a)(iv) state that the U.S. cannot use “an economic needs test” to limit foreign workers from entering our country.

In plain English, that means Congress can’t tell employers they must try to hire Americans before bringing in foreign labor.

Obamatrade places immigration policy in an international agreement so no future Congress, or president, would be able to reverse course.

Should this agreement be ratified, the decision of who can enter our country will be taken away from our elected officials and given to an unelected global regulatory authority, the TransPacific Partnership Commission, staffed and controlled by people outside our borders.

Sen. Jeff Sessions summed up what Obamatrade really is: “At bottom, this is not a mere trade agreement. It bears the hallmarks of a nascent European Union. It is another step towards a world where people, goods, and services can travel freely across international boundaries – and a world where those boundaries mean less and less every day.”

It is not too late to stop it. Tell your representatives you oppose the TransPacific Partnership and you expect them to as well.

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