Laura Ingraham: Rep. Jim Jordan Defends American Sovereignty In Face of Obama-Rubio-Ryan-Cruz Push for TPA Globalism


Conservative leader Jim Jordan (R-OH) says no to ceding even more Congressional authority to President Obama and global leaders. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, and Marco Rubio (R-Silicon Valley) are now leading the Republican effort to give Obama these enormous new powers.

[Reposted from the blog of Laura Ingraham, radio host  |  April 29, 2015]

Additionally, a new article in The Daily Caller documents how Cruz and Rubio are actively pushing to flood the labor market with cheap foreign labor for open-borders lobbyists, while Scott Walker is the only potential GOP candidate standing up for American workers and immigration moderation. 

Partial Transcript: [LISTEN] 

Rep. Jordan: "If the Republican Party doesn't start showing regular American families, in a populist tone, what we are doing to fight for them, we are going to be in big trouble. We didn't get done what we told the voters we said we were going to do on the President’s executive amnesty issue, which I think was unconstitutional; we pull a pro-life bill on the most pro-life day of the year, the March for Life day in January, we pull a pro-life bill on that day; and now some people are talking about not repealing Obamacare; and yet we’re going to move heaven and earth to pass a trade bill, and give this President the authority to negotiate a trade deal after the last seven weeks when we’ve criticized him for the pathetic deal he got with Iran. How does that make sense politically? Forget about the policy for a second-- just think about raw politics-- how does that make sense? [...] I’m not opposed to free trade, I think there are some opportunities, but the timing of this [...[ and how we’re getting it done, as you talked about, not being able to see the TPP agreement, that’s all problematic." [4:42]

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