GOP Senator: Voting for Trade Deal Before the Election ‘Might Get Your Clock Cleaned’


President Barack Obama told the press during his tour of Germany Sunday that, once the U.S. primary elections are out of the way, he expected Congress would pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal with Pacific nations by the end of the year.

[Fred Lucas| April 25, 2016 |The Blaze]

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), an opponent of the trade deal, said Americans should be concerned about what both Obama and members of Congress intend to do after the 2016 elections.

“We’ve already heard that there are plans by a number of forces and interest groups to try to slip this TPP through after the election in a lame duck congressional session,” the senator said, adding, “If it’s such a good deal, why don’t they bring it forward? Why don’t we have a debate about it while elections are on?”

Sessions said ramming the deal through when voters don’t have a say is “arrogant.”

“What the president is fundamentally saying and what these special interest groups are saying is, well, we know you in Congress are so smart and we know the president is smart and the people out here, they don’t understand how smart we all are,” Sessions said. “But we understand you shouldn’t do this while elections are going on because you might get your clock cleaned. They might vote you out of office, so we’ll see if we can’t work up some way to pass it in the future.”

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