Globalist Rubio Says Solution to China is Obamatrade


Presidential candidate Marco Rubio is projecting multiple personality disorder on China. Rubio is unconvincingly trying to project Trump-like toughness on China's challenge to the US economy and military while still pleasing the Davos globalists.

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed Rubio rightly criticizes President Obama for appeasing China for his Wall Street friends and State Department bureaucrats.

President Obama has continued to appease China’s leaders despite their mounting aggression. In addition to his insufficient responses to economic and national-security concerns, he has ignored the Chinese government’s mass roundups of human-rights advocates, oppression of religious minorities, detention of political dissidents, ever-tightening controls on the Internet, and numerous other human-rights violations. He has hoped that being more friendly with China will make it more responsible. It hasn’t worked.

He also recognizes China's trade and economic cheating.

For years, China has subsidized exports, devalued its currency, restricted imports and stolen technology on a massive scale.

But then he proceeds to bait and switch. He baits the audience with "tough on China" rhetoric and switches to Chinese appeasement and enablement policies championed by Obama.  Specifically, his solution is to do more Obama-style trade agreements that helped China, Japan, Korea and other countries flood our market using currency manipulation, government subsidies and other coordinated economic attacks.

As president, I would respond not through aggressive retaliation, which would hurt the U.S. as much as China, but by greater commitment and firmer insistence on free markets and free trade. This means immediately moving forward with [Obama's] Trans-Pacific Partnership and other trade agreements.

Rubio voted for Obama's Fast Track trade authority.  He sided with President Obama in voting against strong enforcement measures for currency manipulation. Hillary Clinton has said that the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement is open to countries like China to join. The Senate rejected an amendment to Fast Track that would require Congressional approval to China joining the TPP, and Rubio did nothing but support the package.

So Rubio's "tough on China" bluster is nothing but a repackaged globalist establishment plan to offshore our sovereignty through trade deals and continue Obamatrade.

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