Tell GOP Pres Candidates: No More Pathetic Trade Deals

obama_king.jpgAre Republican presidential candidates Davos globalists kow-towing to the Chinese and crony capitalists?  Or will they fight to make American-based businesses strong?

It's important that the Republican candidates know how you feel about globalist Obamatrade deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The GOP presidential candidates are all over the map on the issue.  Trump has derided the Trans Pacific Partnership as "weak and pathetic" and negotiated by "incompetent people".  Rubio, on the other hand, wants to "immediately move forward with" the TPP.  Carson has been silent.  Huckabee and Fiorina were against Fast Track trade authority but have said nothing on Obama's TPP.

We're close to getting rid of this president and his despotic rule.  It's important that we let all Republican candidates know that they must stand against this and other global governance agreements that make America weaker.

Use our convenient form below to tell the Republican candidates for president to publicly oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership!

We urge Republican candidates for president to oppose Obama's secretly negotiated Trans Pacific Partnership that will change American domestic and foreign policy, subject the US to international tribunals and rules, and further erode our industrial strength.

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