Stop the Trans Pacific Partnership and Obama's COMPLETE Lapse of Values!

Sharia_Law.jpgObama is at it again.

Not only is he pushing an unconstitutional global governance agreement through congress, and not only is he negotiating this job killing agreement in secrecy, but now he's showing a complete disregard for the sanctity of human life to do it

Brunei and Malaysia are two countries involved in Obama's massive trade deal. 

Brunei is a country that adopted Sharia Law on May 1.  Sharia Law denies religious freedom to Christians and prescribes punishments that include amputation and stoning. 

Malaysia received the lowest possible rating on human trafficking from the US State Department.  The Obama administration is actually trying to upgrade that rating in order to be able to include that country in the TPP. 

Republicans in Congress have criticized the TPP’s inclusion of countries notorious for human rights violations.

But apparently that just doesn't matter to our president.

LET CONGRESS KNOW IT MATTERS TO YOU!  The TPP negotiations will be completed this summer, then brought to congress for a vote.  It's important that you raise your voice on this matter.

Please, sign the petition letting your members of congress know that you oppose the TPP and Obama's complete lack of regard for human rights and lives!

We, the undersigned, oppose doing granting trade preferences with countries who enact Sharia Law, engage in human trafficking, and thus oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiated in secret by Obama.

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