Down to the wire: Don't Give Obama Fast Track Trade Authority!

obama-executive-order-2.jpgBecause of a procedural gimmick, Fast Track passed narrowly in the House and will now be voted on in the Senate as soon as Tuesday, June 23rd.

Your Senators must hear from you to prevent Obama from making an egregious grab for power.

Senator Jeff Sessions wrote a letter to his fellow senators saying:

"The real danger here is that before the ink is dry on TPA, and at any time during the life of TPA, any president can negotiate changes to the Trans-Pacific Partnership and any other new agreement and agree to changes in our immigration laws."

Because the Fast Track bill transfers enormous trade negotiation authority to Obama, Dick Morris said:

"It is odd, indeed, to see Republicans falling all over themselves to reward this president with more power while voluntarily reducing congressional oversight."

It's URGENT that your Senators hear from you TODAY on this very important matter.

Use the form below to tell your Senators to oppose Fast Track.

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