Write Congress - Oppose Fast Track and TPP

Our Founding Fathers decided that Congress should have authority over trade between nations. But GOP leadership is, right now, trying to transfer nearly all of that authority to Obama. They call this Fast Track trade negotiation authority.  But it’s really another major expansion of executive authority that could be abused.

A Fast Track bill would suspend the Regular Order of Congress, severely limiting debate and prohibiting amendments, on any treaty President Obama negotiates.  The Obama administration has been negotiating in secret, prohibiting the public and most congressional staff from seeing the agreement. 

These agreements allow Obama to go far beyond trade into global regulation covering the environment, immigration, food safety, Buy American laws, tax, and health care.

Use our convenient form below to tell Congress to publicly oppose Fast Track and vote against any Fast Track bill.

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  • It is not the time to make such arrangements, our economy is not there these things so that measures are taken as well. Website: http://openenglishbr.jimdo.com/
  • These trade agreements send our manufacturing overseas. America needs jobs here.